Feb 20 ,2017 Writen By: Direct Bullion

FEB 20th 2017

Peter Fieldman

The European tour of the Berlin truck attack suspect shows how Europe has lost its reason. While Europe's leaders, civil rights activists and liberals all worry about protecting our civil liberties and being politically correct, Europe faces a permanent threat.

In this case the suspect arrived from Tunisia, not a country at war, allowed to stay in Italy, went to Germany, and then despite being on security services and police radar instead of being deported immediately was allowed to carry out an attack in Berlin and then travel freely through France and back to Italy. Madness! 

In the meantime thousands are dying in the Mediterranean due to misguided immigration policies which are encouraging hundreds of thousands of people from other continents as well as the Balkan states to enter Western Europe without papers or legal rights expecting a better life and granted nationality and passports. We even collect them and bring them ashore. No other nations of the world do this. And we wonder why right wing parties are gaining ground. 2017 could see the collapse of the EU.

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